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  • Automate routines, use your time wisely.
  • Increase productivity and profit.
  • More effective work years for the staff.
  • No manual spreading of dusty bedding.
  • Virtually maintenance free and easy to use equipment.
  • More time for your family and yourself.
  • More milk when the stall is pleasant.
  • The best cows need the best conditions.
  • Less antibiotics needed

In 2007, Pekka Vinkki started wondering about the automation of bedding work of cow-sheds. “Is it still done manually?” This led to the development of Demeca’s patented bedding system.

With Demeca’s dry bedding system, fresh bedding is spread around without manual work, where it is needed, directly on the sleeping pad.

The bedding system transforms labour intense and physically heavy work into machine-powered. Save yourself, your time, and on labour costs, and you can focus on animal monitoring and stall cleaning.

The animals always have a clean and dry pad, as well as clean and fresh bedding. It is no longer necessary to store the bedding in a stall. Udder health and life expectancy will improve, thanks to the constant dryness of the pad.

Automate your daily routines

The Demeca Bedding System consists of a Bedding Device moving over the animals’ sleeping pads and of a refill system connected to the device. The system is complemented by intelligent automation that carries out the bedding routines according to the instructions given to it. The Demeca Bedding Device controlled by the automation works independently, taking into account the pre-taught permitted and prohibited areas, and recharging and refillind the device when needed.

The bedding system can be installed in a modern robot or milking station barns as well as in other livestock areas where the transport and spreading of the bedding material is a time consuming daily operation

Significant annual saving from the automation of drying on the Lehto Farm

Reisjärven Maitolaituri Oy

Maitolaituri is a production unit focused on milk production in Reisjärvi. Maitolaituri limited liability company combines the family farm production of three farms into one new farm center. The goal of the owners Harri Aho, Pekka Hilliaho and Marko Saartoala is to achieve a better balance between work and free time and to move operations further away from residential areas and traffic. Through cooperation, many new resources are made available and mental, physical and financial responsibility is shared. In 2012, a new dairy yard and the manure and feed storage facilities necessary for production were completed. Demeca has delivered an automatic drying system to Maitolaitur.

MTY Vuorenmaa

A drying system was delivered to Mty Vuorenmaa Haapavete in the summer of 2011. The system includes a carpet conveyor, a rail structure and a drying device with remote control.

Demeca Bedding system

Demeca Bedding System eases the day-to-day routine work of the farm and releases resources for more productive activities. It works independently according to pre-programmed cycles and doses just the right amount of bedding material into the sleeping pads. The best cows deserve the best conditions.

Continuous and automatic drying improves animal health and frees the staff to other tasks. The animals are more comfortable and the staff gets more healthier working years.

The Demeca drying device is designed to facilitate the drying of animal facilities. The device is perfectly suited to environments where animals or furniture interfere with the spreading of litter on the floor level of the building. The bedding device can be installed in modern robot and milking station yards or other animal facilities, when a device is needed to transport and spread bedding material. In modern large units, dry cleaning done by hand is a physically demanding and time-consuming daily procedure. With the Demeca drying device, this work can be done easily and quickly. An entire drying system can be delivered and built around the dewatering device, which includes the largest mixing and unloading litter storage silo, a filling conveyor, a rail track with suspension arrangements, the necessary gate arrangements and a loading point.

Save your lungs and your back, switch to automatic drying

Litter storage and loading

The feeding silo is designed for mixing, shredding and feeding the litter to the conveyor. The silo also serves as storage for a few days. A safe and easy-to-use silo mechanizes strenuous and dusty work, and frees up your own time for the animals. Processing litter material takes a lot of time, which should be used for more productive work. In the design of the silos and conveyors, special attention has been paid to their usability and operation in all weathers. The filling silo can be used to feed dry material outside, even in freezing weather. The domestic Demeca silo is made with a long service life in mind: it is easy to service and the availability of spare parts and service is guaranteed.