Biogas filling station

Start to produce a biomethane for traffic use.


Check out Demeca’s biogas plant sites on the references page. There are currently 9 biogas plants under construction. We have delivered biogas plants and biomethane filling stations, the details of which can be viewed by clicking on the link.

Biogas plant

Could you produce electricity and heat from cattle manure into your farm?

Demeca as workplace

Will you be the next Demeca expert? You can submit your workhistory information by the recruitment form and check open positions.

Biogas experts

Demeca has the best farm experts. Call into a biogas expert and together we will find out the right solution for your farm.

Demeca biogas plants produce energy and money. Look at yourself!

Follow the energy production and environmental impacts of Demeca’s biogas plants in real time. The form and service is in finnish.

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