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Produce clean electricity and heat from your cattle manure. At the same time, increase the fertilizing effect of the slurry and decrease the dependence on purchased fertilizers. Save environment at the same time.


Better ventilation, more milk and meat. Enhance the wellbeing of the cattle and working conditions of the staff with natural and noiseless ventilation.

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Your contact at Demeca is your own regional salesperson. 

Call directly at your own salesperson  or contact us at +35810 340 8000.

Bedding System

Do not ruin your back with bedding. Dump the physically heavy routine work and switch to continuous automatic bedding and use your time for more productive work.

Slurry Circulation

Slurry not running? Do you have to pump water to the gutters and mix the slurry manually? Slurry circulation homogenizes the thick slurry and makes the gutters flow again.