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Ridge Skylight

  • Efficient natural ventilation.
  • Plenty of natural light to the barn.
  • Increase the productivity and comfort of animals.

The Ridge Skylight is an unbeatable exhaust air solution due to its large exhaust area. The Ridge Skylight ensures efficient and easy control of natural ventilation and natural light. Animal comfort and high milk and meat production are guaranteed.

Demeca Ridge Skylight is a durable and maintenance-free high quality product that is always manufactured according to the dimensions and requirements of customer.

Demeca valoharja uuden navetan katossa
Demeca valoharjan asennus

The Demeca Ridge Skylight is an entity designed to improve the comfort in the barn and to maximize the amount of milk and meat produced.

The ridge skylight is made of hot-dip galvanized steel grid, covered with UV-protected, clear cellular roofing. The solution also includes ventilation openings as well as windbreaks that prevent snow accumulation near the hatches. All parts on the ridge are completely maintenance-free. The ridge skylight is an excellent exhaust air solution thanks to its large opening area, especially when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air is small. In cold temperatures, the air-tightness and insulative structure is superior.