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Success Stories

Over 30 years of paddling of slurry is now history

The atmosphere is relaxed at Minna and Juha Kiili’s dairy farm in Sastamala. All the slurry problems in the cowshed, that have troubled ever since 1984 were solved at once in the late summer 2017. Minna was having her afternoon coffee and read a story in a newspaper about a farmer who had found a solution to quit to his “plank exercises”.

Ventilation renovation in the cow house: production improved by 12000 kg

The vet began to talk to Pasi Kiljala about the importance of proper ventilation for animal wellbeign. The vet said the defective ventilation was to blame, most often during the spring and fall, when weather varies, the cows are susceptible to cell count growth. Cows love the fresh air and bad air will increase stress and cell count.

Immediate results from ventilation improvement

Ventilation is an important thing in the barn. In fact, I had been thinking about improving the ventilation for longer, because it always seemed to be a bad air in the barn. It can’t be good for animals or people. I often talked about replacing thew windows with hatches that can be opened. Would that make the air change better?

Slurry Circulation made the gutters work: A year without plank exercises

The slurry circulation system saves time and nerves so much that it’s totally worth the money. Never in the 20-year history of this farm have the gutters become so empty and clean after pumping.

Significant savings, thanks to the automation of the bedding

Of course, the purchasing of the bedding device was to be justified to the to the bank and to the investment aid application. The matter was seriously debated, but it was quickly found that automating the bedding really brings euros to the account.