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Ventilation shafts

Kennoikkunat ja hormit talvi
  • More efficient natural ventilation
  • The ideal solution for renovation projects
  • Easy air volume control

Demeca Ventilation shafts are the most effective solution for improving ventilation in a renovated barn. In low barns, the shafts together with the opening cell windows significantly improve ventilation and increase natural light into the barn.

More efficient natural ventilation increases the comfort of the animals, which leads directly to the growth of the output. The animals get enough fresh air, and the high-powered roof fans do not cause stressful noise. Investing in ventilation is always worth it, it will pay back quickly.

Demeca ilmanvaihto hormi säätö
Ilmanvaihtohormit asennettu valoharjaan

Efficient exhaust

Demeca ventilation shafts are manufactured in Finland. The wall and roof material is a clear polycarbonate plate which insulates well and let plenty of light in. If needed, we can also manufacture the shafts from other materials such as steel plated urethane elements.

Ask your Demeca salesperson about barn ventilation.