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Kiintomädätys® biogas plant make a careful pre-treatment, which enables efficient biogas production. We design the plant complex according to your needs. Biogasplant utilizes sludge (slurry), dry feeds, dry manure and external biomass. Thanks to the modular structure, the biogas plant can be modified, expanded and designed to serve the needs of both: agriculture and larger projects needs. The patented reactor is well insulated and the biogas process is energy efficient. The mixture inside the reactor affects gas yield, promoting contact between microbes and feedstock.

  • Modular design and energy efficient
  • A Finnish innovation
  • The maintenance agreement ensures the continuous operation
  • A plant is a machine that can be financed by installment- or leasing financing
  • Scalable also into a larger entity

Bravely moving forward togehter

Keskitalo Farm has bravely developed their farm further for a three generations.

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