Biogas plant

Demeca farm biogas plant is an energy efficient and the finnish innovation.

Energy efficient Demeca farm biogas plant complete effective pre-treatment, which enables efficient and plentiful biogas production. Demeca biogas plants are made by modules and containers. Module biogas plant is possible to remove, transform and grow. Demeca biogas plant is tested with a cold and difficult circumstances in Finland. Biogas production is a significant advance on agriculture and cuts down greenhouse gases. Start bioenergy production with Demeca biogas plant and transfer your farm into the biogas era.

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Tuomo Latvala is a farmer from the village of Sääskjärvi in South Ostrobothnia Finland. Hietakorpi Ay has about 160 milking cows and also a young cattle. Watch the video what Tuomo Latvala thinks about Demeca biogas plant.

Agricultural biogas plant

Demeca agricultural biogas plant comes from Finland.

Sales, planning, service and spare parts comes from Finland. You can get remote service wich is easy choice and helps you with a daily control. Demeca service will check your biogas plant notifications and fix problems with a remote connection. Biodegradation® biogas plant has a finnish sertificate Key flag

Biogas production

Biodegradation® technology can use both manures: liquid manure and dry manures. The main manure is slurry and you can use the old dry manures wich are difficult to dispose. The manures pre-processed in the gFeed container unit. Careful pre-treatment enables efficient and plentiful biogas production.

Biogas is formed as a result of digestion, which is mainly methane and carbon dioxide and a small amount of other gases, such as sulfur compounds. The reactor’s biofilter effectively removes foul-smelling sulfur compounds from the gas that hinder further processing. The biogas plant or the digestate smell less to the environment, and there is no odor nuisance from the reject applied to the field. In the plant’s reactor equipment room, biogas is purified and dried. After processing and pressurization, the biogas is ready to be fed to the generator for electricity and heat production.

The electricity and heat that comes into the use of the farm is produced by a generator installed in the gPower unit, and in severe frosts, additional heat can be generated by a gas burner in the heating boiler. A muffled buzzing is heard from the equipment in the immediate vicinity of the plant and there are no odor nuisances. As emissions from combustion, only carbon dioxide and water vapor are generated. Carbon dioxide comes from crops growing in fields, from renewable raw material and is considered to bind back to new growing plants. That is why biogas is a completely carbon-neutral form of energy and otherwise completely emission-free. Biogas is an environmentally friendly form of energy at all stages.



Biogas can still be processed example to biofuel vehicles in a separate gFuel unit which can install and build to the biogas plant at a later stage. The combustible component of the gas is methane and the methane concentration is raised required level by removing carbon dioxide and water from the gas. The generated gas is pressurized and stored in a gas tanks, where it can be refuel or sold on. Production and sale of biofuel opens up new business opportunities for farms.

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