Cow bedding

Automation cow bedding system improves the productivity and well-being of animals and people.

cow bedding

”Renki” Cow bedding system

Renki automation cow bedding system helps with the daily routine work on the farm and frees hands for more productive work. ”Renki” works independently pre-programmed cycles and dispenses the right amount of bedding to the cows sleeping mats. Regular and automatic bedding improves animal health and frees the staff’s hands for other work on the farm.

  • The device can be used with separated manure litter, sawdust or peat
  • Bedding capacity 1800 cow mats/ day in roboticbarn
  • Bedding tank capacitive 0,8 m3
  • Can be used with mobilephone, tablet and remote control
  • Dead weight 170 kg

Self-sufficient cow bedding

Manure separation enables self-sufficient cow bedding. Manure separation is cost-effective. Self-sufficient cow bedding improves security of supply.


Cows remain clean, joints healthy and their hooves dry thanks to even and regular bedding. People’s well-being increases when the lungs are not exposed to dusty bedding and physical strain is eliminated.

Efficient work

Renki cow bedding system frees hands for other work on the farm. A complete drainage system can be delivered and built around the bedding device.

Automating the cow bedding animals welfare improves and the employees’ hands are free for other work on the farm.

Renki automation cow bedding helps you with daily routines

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