Kaira slurry pump

Kaira slurry pump crushes even the hard slurry.


Kaira slurry pump

Kaira slurry pumps name describes its unique ability to crush even the hardest slurry. Pumps crush blades makes the slurry smooth so the slurry can be used automatic shafts flushing. Pumps control makes clear the grass and the placentas without strain the motor and without raising the pump from the shafts.

  • Finish innovation and manufacture
  • Electricalmotor 11 kW
  • Replacement parts
  • 4 different lenght + 400 mm adjust choices with 50 mm every
  • Accessories ie. measure the surface, automatic 3-way valve, textmessage alarm

Crush blades

Intelligent and easy to use variable speed drive control keeps the pump always ready for operation and enables sludge to move smoothly in shafts.


Mixing, homogenisation and recycling of sludge in barn shafts and pumping from barn to storage pools, biogas plants and, in long-distance pumping, pre-treatment and as a feed pump for a separate transfer pump.

Finnish innovation

Kaira slurry pump is manufactured in Finland and replaceable spare parts are available.

The good features of the Kaira slurry pump includes an overhead suction housing, a large diameter shaft and spring-loaded steelwork.

Kaira slurry pump is a good choice

Fluid, homogenized sludge flows in shafts and is better to spread over the field.

Support and service for manure process

From us, you get an advice and solutions for manure processing. Contact your sales representative.

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  • What size is available from Kaira slurry pump?

    S-size is 2566 mm, M size is 3566 mm and L-size is 4566 mm (from the top lifting point to the bottom bearing).

  • What accessories are possible to get for a slurry pump?

    As an option, the pump control can be connected to level measurement, automatic three-way valves for sludge recirculation, an eccentric screw pump for pressure increases for long transfer distances / lifting heights and an external alarm light.

  • What is the maximum pump pressure?

    The maximum water pressures are 2.4 bar (50 Hz), 2.1 bar (45 Hz) and 1.8 bar (40 Hz).

  • What do I need to know before installing an Kaira slurry pump?

    Check the installation location of the pump and the situation in the well. Remove sediment and any foreign objects from the bottom of the well, for example, with a suction pressure trolley by means of water flushing and, if necessary, a rake. With the Kaira slurry pump, you will receive operating and maintenance instructions with more detailed instructions and additional information. Ask your sales representative for more information about the Kaira slurry pump.

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