We improve companies profitability by supporting their sustainable growth and the well-being of people, animals and the environment.

Vision and strategy at the core of sustainability

Our vision is to create a qrowth environment businesses that offers well-being to all people.

We improve profitability of supporting businesses sustainable growth of farms and companies and the well-being of people, animals and the environment.

We promise for farms and companies a sustainable growth of total charting. We providing technical and strategic solutions that improve profitability and well-being.

Look and download sustainability commitments and forms:


Smart solutions for biogas production

Biogas production can be much more than electricity and heat. We deliver smart solutions for agricultural manure processing and fraction utilization, as well as for self-sufficient energy production.

Farm nutrients recycling and utilization

The most valuable raw material for the farm is manure of farm animals. Manure can be used to produce energy, fuel (CBG), bedding and an efficient and more environmentally friendly fertiliser.

Actions for Finnish nature

Domestic and self-sufficient energy production guarantees clean Finnish nature. In biogas production, environmental issues are taken into account naturally.

The transport use of biogas can reduce up to 90% of transport emissions throughout its life cycle.

Our values guide our operations on the path of sustainability

Trust and Appreciation

We respect our customers.

Together, we decide on an understandable delivery content.

We correct our mistakes.

Bravely together

We dare to interact with our customers and to develop in the spirit of coninuous improvement.

We are always learning new things.

We give and want to get feedback.

Effective working

We want to find out customer’s business and understand it.

We produce added value for our customer every step of the way.

We want to do the right thing- Whistleblowing channel

We strive to maintain a high level of business ethics and transparency in accordance with our values and Code of Conduct. The whistleblowing channel provides an opportunity to communicate about suspected misconduct that affects people, our organisation, society or the environment.

Eco-friendly travelling

We favour biogas vehicles for commuting, and we are happy to fill them with renewable, domestic and clean biogas. Our staff can take advantage of cycling to work, and as an employee benefit, we offer our staff the opportunity to purchase a company bike with a bicycle benefit.