Demeca's story

We support a finnish agriculture

Our story began in 2008 at a Finnish dairy farm in Haapavesi Lumimetsä, where the first Demeca solutions have been developed and installed in the robotic yard of our founder, Pekka Vinki’s homestead.

Pekka had already worked with farm-size biogas plants before this, and today biogas plants based on Biodegradation® technology are part of the Demeca product family. Our product family consists of solutions that, in line with our slogan Farms in Order™, improve the profitability of farms and the well-being of people, animals and the environment.

We develop our products together with you, our customers. Why? Because we believe that the operations of a Finnish farm are best known to a Finnish farmer. And, because we want our products to serve your specific needs and require that our solutions are carefully thought out and sustainable long into the future.

The functionality of our solutions is supported by expert sales, careful commissioning and training, as well as our own installation and maintenance organization. We promise to always use our know-how for the benefit of high-quality agricultural production. We get our energy from clean, Finnish food, and we want to ensure its production with the best Finnish solutions.

We want to create a vibrant growth environment for rural businesses that offers comprehensive well-being to all people. Our mission is to improve the profitability and well-being of farms. We promise sustainable growth for your farm, and we are able to deliver on that promise by looking at your farm as a whole and offering solutions that improve the whole and support growth. This is our ‘Farms in order™’ philosophy.

Vision and strategy

Our vision is to make agriculture a profitable business

We want farms and rural businesses to grow and sustain, grow, and create vitality into their environment. We see living and working at the countryside as an attractive and safe way of life.

Our mission is to improve the farms’ profitability and well-beign

We want to make farming an attractive form of entrepreneurship and raise the reputation of the industry. We believe that the key is to improve the profitability of farming and to support the sustainable growth of farms and the well-being of people, animals and the environment.

We promise to pursue an instant
sustainable growth for your farm

We promise sustainable growth for the farms. We are able to redeem our promise and realize our vision by reviewing the farm as a whole and providing technical and strategic solutions that improve overall profitability and support the growth.


Our company has values that guide everything we do. The whole staff is committed to honor the values in their daily work. We will do business only with those partners and subcontractors that follow our values.

Trust and Appreciation

We respect each and every customer.

Together, we decide on an understandable delivery content.

We correct our mistakes.

Openly Together

We dare to interact with our customers and to
develop in the spirit of continuous improvement.

We are always learning new things.

We give and want to get feedback.

Profitable Projects

We want to immerse ourselves in the customer’s business and understand it.

We produce added value for our customer every step of the way.