Biogas plant into Virpi and Petri Paavola farm

We have made an agreement with Virpi and Petri Paavola farm of biogas plant delivery.

Picture: Petri and Virpi Paavola have a four robot cattle farm in Kaustinen (picture: Tommi Hirvinen)


Farm Paavola Virpi and Petri from Kaustinen has signed a delivery agreement with Demeca for the farm’s CHP (Compined Heat and Power) biogas plant. It will be replaced by a 1100 m3 gReactor digester and gPower unit for energy production, as well as the necessary sludge pumping equipment with a Demeca Kaira slurry pump. The CHP burns biogas into electricity and heat for the farm’s needs, and the plant utilises dairy cattle slurry in its energy production. With the help of a biogas plant, electrical and thermal energy is produced for the farm. The fertilizer effects of manure improve as nitrogen dissolves, and the digestion process destroys any weed seeds that may be contained in the manure. (According to studies, up to 95% of lupine seeds, for example.)

Paavola Farm has four milking robots, and in addition to Virpi and Petri, the farm’s everyday life and farm work also involve their own growing children. Together with Demeca, Virpi and Petri have been planning a biogas plant project for years. Now came the time for implementation, and the work will start immediately. The plant project will be completed during the coming spring and summer.

”We have been cooperating with Demeca for a long time, and we actually have almost all of Demeca’s products already in use, with the exception of biogas systems.  Understanding the operation of the farm and the treatment of sludge streams has been convincing. The project’s advance planning and expert service helped in making the decision. We want to be at the forefront of the farm’s environmental actions, and using our own manure for energy is, of course, sensible,” says Petri, the owner of the farm.

”It’s great to be able to build a second facility in Kaustinen. We continue to thank Paavola farm for their trust!” Demeca’s Sales Director Sami Vinkki cheers.


In January, Hankkija started selling Demeca products in Finland. You can find the contact information of both Hankkija’s sellers and Demeca sales on our website. Feel free to contact us and let’s find out he biogas potential of your farm. You can also fill in an easy biogas calculator that gives you an estimate of your farm’s energy output. You can compare your energy yield estimate with your farm’s annual energy consumption.

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